But because of my beauty and identity,Keeps her vigilant to outsiders,Not easily accessible,It’s hard to take off guard。

Since Lu Menglin received this thousand Hong Kong dollars,I have made a secret decision in my heart。
If the Miss Zhu Qiuhong in front of me will continue the sad life she saw in the previous life,If you die alone in misery and ridicule,Then let me change her destiny for her!
“Ok,Thank you sister Qiuhong、Sister Zhou,Then I’ll go back and pack things。I’ll be by tomorrow morning。”Lu Menglin drank all the milk tea in the cup,Take the initiative to stand up and say goodbye,Not much to stay with the two women。
Seeing this boy so witty,Even Zhu Qiuhong is a little surprised。
Usually those boys,Regardless of age,As long as there is a chance to be around them,Basically they can’t be driven away,The mainland young people I met today are very free and easy,Just go,But it is unforgettable,Long aftertaste。
Lu Menglin left the tea restaurant,Back to the upstairs of Zhengnan Gymnasium again,Go to his small room to pack things。
When he went upstairs, he also met several male employees in the gym,These men look
Lu Menglin’s eyes are all weird,Seems to be a bit afraid,And vaguely envy。
After all, this mainland kid can be favored by female stars like Zhu Qiuhong,Mix with others,Maybe in the future we will be better,It’s much better than just being idle in the gym。
And can get the moon first,Although everyone does not think that this kid really has a chance to take advantage,But as long as you can get close to the beauty,Always enviable。
Of course Lu Menglin doesn’t care about the eyes of others,He went back to the room,I packed up some personal belongings,Then take out the phone,Made a call to Chen Jiannan。
I briefly communicated on the phone,Made things clear today。
Chen Jiannan couldn’t listen to laugh or cry on the phone,I thought Lu Menglin deserved to be Lu Menglin,Even being a kid in a gym can provoke female stars,It really deserves to be the firefly in the night,Comes with attractive properties,I can’t accept it。
“it is good,it is good!I know。I won’t punish Xiao Hu,Knowing is not guilty。Then when will you come back?Forget it,Don’t come back at all!”Chen Jiannan laughed loudly。
Early next morning,Lu Menglin went to the park to practice for two hours《Turtle snake》,Breath is smooth,The physical condition has also been restored and adjusted。