“Yes!We take the boutique route,Usually don’t buy there。”The boss told Hu Yang and the others。

Today’s high imitations,Can be divided into three categories:
Big auction company、High-end antique brokers need top-quality replicas;The antiques dealers are surrendered to collectors or collection agencies are fine high imitation porcelain;What museums and some cultural relics exhibition institutions need are ordinary high imitation porcelain。
Populus picks up one,Glanced:“Expensive,This bottle,Can get two thousand。”
“Big brother,Two thousand we have nothing to make a profit。”The boss shook her head,It takes more than a thousand to buy,Two thousand really can’t sell。
She went on:“You really want,Three thousand for you!”
Populus shook his head,Not to mention modern high imitations,It is the high imitation of ancient times,He is not necessarily interested。He used the treasure hunting eye to scan around,Eyes finally fell on a plate。
“This one,How about a thousand cheaper?”Populus euphratica。
List price of six thousand,Hu Yang feels that five thousand can be won。
really,The boss hesitated,nod:“Row,See you so refreshed,Just do your business,Five thousand is five thousand!”
Only the audience in the live broadcast room and Hua Zai know,Brother Hu, even the beautiful boss is going to cheat!Yu Xin He Ren?
The lady boss also helped to pack,After all, items worth several thousand yuan,It’s also a valuable item,There is no packaging。