Tian Lu was thinking,Chen Amei doesn’t choose clothes for her body shape,What kind of clothes look the same on her blocky figure,Can’t wear elegant taste,At best, it keeps warm and covers the skin,Not to mention beauty。

But she can’t speak bluntly,Must cause interpersonal tension,Cause Chen Amei’s dissatisfaction,Language is an artistic thing。
“Come,Give you a bag of peanuts,My mother fried it,Taste!”Chen Amei’s fleshy face,Smile with eyes。
“thank you,You treat me so well,How can i repay?”Tian Lu smiled,Close to,Talk。
“This little thing,Repay,What you said。”Chen Amei replied with her voice。
Tian Lu is kind,Caught a small hand,Peel one off,Put in the mouth,Chew slowly,“good to eat,Quite crisp、Very fragrant,Your mother is really capable,Fried so delicious。”Tian Lu continued to boast。
“of course,You see i’m so capable,Can my mom do it?”A-mei Chen continued confidently,Ask again:“Hey,Have you signed up,Shenglan International Optoelectronics is hiring people。”
“Nope。”Tian Lu touched her fluffy sweater and replied casually。
“You don’t sign up yet,It’s due tomorrow。”Chen Amei reminded her。
“I know,Online newspaper in the evening。”Tian Lu replied,Secretly admire her for information“PHS”。
“Hey,I think Shenglan International Optoelectronics is good,rich in funds,Big business,They invested in many squares in our newly opened area。The most important thing is to hear that the company is always young talents,Just appointed,It’s said to be a great person。”Chen Amei told her。
“how do you know?”Tian Lu wondered so much for a while?
“Who am i,I don’t know anything about the newly opened area。”Chen Amei falls into narcissistic mode,Boasting。
“Ah,Just blow it。”Tian Lu’s eyebrows raised,Dismissive expression。
Amei Chen put a peanut into her mouth,Dong Shi Xiaoying learned that Tian Lu raised her nose and raised her eyes,Chewing peanuts“Contempt”Hit back,“Humph,Do you believe it or not。”
Tian Lu sneered,Upstairs,I’m too lazy to talk to her anymore。But I heard Chen Amei say from behind:“Shenglan International Optoelectronics,I have already signed up。”
Tian Lu is interested,Asked back:“Is it difficult to sign up?”