“How long will you take?”Lu Menglin already faintly felt something bad,Shen Sheng。

“Just one week。I’m so sorry,Embarrassed Lu Sang。”Tadao Hojo said lightly。
“Ok!You as soon as possible!”Lu Menglin frowned。
Tadao Hojo paused on the phone,Smiled:“of course,If Lu Sang is in a hurry to spend money,Actually, I am also willing to help。As long as you have the equity,And all the copyrights of the new books are sold to me,I should be able to transfer the money to your account within three days。”
“You are so cruel!”Lu Menglin was so angry that he wanted to throw his big brother on the spot。
He can’t do this,Because if so,It’s like putting Uncle Ji and AhVThey are all sold to Japanese,Lost control,This magazine will probably die,And when it is released in the future,Will also encounter many difficulties。
Tadao Hojo continued to speak casually:“In addition,about the price,I can only pay up to 500,000 RMB,This is my greatest sincerity。Lu Sang,Are you listening?If you think it works,Then contact me again!”
Talk about it,Tadao Hojo has hung up。
Lu Menglin’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom,He didn’t expect Hojo Tadao to do this,what is this?Tadao Hojo, an old fox, obviously wants to invest in this new magazine,He fell into trouble at this time,Deliberately?Still a whim?
I wanted to get a million from the Japanese,Solving urgent needs,It seems that this idea is going to fall apart。Lu Menglin was suddenly upset。
at this time,The big brother in his hand rang again。
Lu Menglin answered the phone,What came from inside wasVThat characteristic shrill voice。
“Lu Menglin,Is Lu Menglin you??I have something very important for you。”
“I am listening,AhVYou speak!”Lu Menglin is in a bad mood,Replied casually。
Afa’s tone sounds anxious,And speak fast。