The main small action-broken step Lianyang + historical low-growth stocks bought (list)

Main action: Lianyang Lianyang + historically low growth stocks bought (list)

Original title: Main action: These batches of broken-up Lianyang + historical low-growth high-growth stocks receive cash inflows (list) Source: Data Bao Chen Jiannan Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index reached the bottom of the stage at 2733 on August 6, the market has continued to rebound, even inUnder unfavorable circumstances, the broad market still stubbornly hit a new rebound high yesterday.

During the nearly 200-point rebound, the performance of individual stocks is also quite powerful.

  Data show that nearly 600 stocks have increased by more than 10% since August 6.

In the mid-term, stocks such as North China Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen SEG, and Shenzhen Chase rose more than 70%. Yishang showed that many stocks such as Zhongqian and Jiuding New Materials rose more than 50%.

Obviously, during the rally in this round, some stocks are still in the shape of a small Yang Xian line. Is the main force secretly building a position?

  Technical theory believes that when individual stocks have a continuous small positive line, it often represents that multilateral kinetic energy is accumulating, which may be in the state of being secretly sucked by the main force to open a position, and at the same time at a relatively low level, then a large outbreak may occur.

  The Securities Times and DataBao statistics show that more than 240 stocks in the last 3 Lianyang stocks have closed prices within 2% of the opening price during the Lianyang period, which means that these stocks are in a continuous state of the small Yang line.

Among them, Chengdu Bank and Henglin Co., Ltd. have the largest number of Lianyang, reaching 9 days; MediaTek and Honggao Creative ranked second, with a total of 7 Lianyang.

In addition, ST Zhongji, Jiangsu Shentong, Hengfeng Information and other six stocks alternate six consecutive Lianyang, Tongcheng Holdings, Bohai shares, Qianyuan Power and other stocks alternate five consecutive Lianyang.

  It should be pointed out that some individual stocks may have more than the previous few days.

For example, East China Computer has nine consecutive Lianyang, of which six Lianyang are broken step small Yang line.

  From the perspective of the main capital flow during the continuous Xiaoyang line, some stocks have gained the favor of the main funds for breakthroughs.

Among them, the Bank of Chengdu’s main net inflow of funds during the 9th Lianyang period exceeded 1.

5.8 billion tops; Industrial Bank’s main net inflows during the 3 consecutive years.

At 3.4 billion, AVIC Shen Fei attracted gold.

2.5 billion ranked third, and Zhongzhi shares attracted money1.

1.2 billion ranked third.

  It is obvious that among the stocks that received the main net inflow of capital during the Lianyang period, 25 stocks belonged to stocks with high net profit growth in the first half of the year and a total discount of more than 40% from the historical highest price.

Judging from the growth of net profit in the first half of the year, 10 of the above stocks are expected to double in net profit.

Among them, the growth of net profit in the first half of Xinghui Precision is expected to exceed 10 times, and the net profit growth of stocks such as Central Equipment, Minsheng Holdings, and Stellar Technology is expected to exceed 200%.

  From the perspective of dynamic price-earnings ratio, the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio of MediaTek and Zhejiang Longsheng are both less than 10 times. The stock price-earnings ratio of Ningbo United, Gaomeng New Materials and Yongyi Co., Ltd. are less than 20 times.The dynamic P / E ratio is expected to be less than 30 times.

In terms of decline, * ST Cloud Investment, Yongyi, Zhonghuan Equipment and other stocks have an average discount price of more than 80% from the historical high. On Saturday, Tops, Ruitai Technology and other stocks have 武汉夜生活网 an average discount of more than the historical high.70%.
  The most favored tracking stocks of the Dragon Tiger List are those stocks. On August 27, the net funds of the institutions and business departments in the Dragon Tiger List sold 0 net.

3.8 billion, of which 13 stocks were net bought; 11 stocks were net sold.

The top three stocks in the net purchase were Yifan Pharmaceutical, Yangjie Technology, Chunxing Precision, and the net purchase amount accounted for 10 of the day’s turnover.

07%, 9.

01%, 6.


  From the perspective of the capital flow of the market, the net inflow of main funds exceeded 10 million and there were a total of 11 stocks bought on the Dragon Tiger List. Among them, Chunxing Precision, Yifan Pharmaceutical, and Nanda Optoelectronics had the largest net inflows.

The stocks with the largest net inflows were Baota Industrial, Peking University Medicine, Chunxing Precision, and the net inflows were 57.

49%, 37.

22%, 29.


  North China Pharmaceutical rose 10 consecutive days to attract gold 3.

The latest data of 5.9 billion U.S. dollars shows that a total of 262 stocks in the two cities continued to grow for more than three trading days, and 60 stocks continued to grow for more than five trading days. The top three with the most consecutive days were Nanjing Xinbai (12 days), He Ertai (10 days), Dinglong shares (10 days).

The top three during the gradual increase of stocks during the period were Shenzhen SEG (94.

84%), North China Pharmaceutical (91.

73%), Shenzhen Chase (83.05%).

  One thing is that of the 262 stocks that have been growing continuously, 12 major stocks have gradually net inflows of more than 100 million yuan during the period.

Among them, North China Pharmaceuticals had the most accumulated capital inflows, and the main capital inflows3.

5.9 billion yuan.

  The 11-day short-term moving average cash fork closed on August 27. There were 11 A-share 5-day moving averages actively crossing the 10-day moving average. Among them, AVIC Sunda, Furen Pharmaceutical, Yutong Bus and other stocks had earlier 5-day moving averages of 10.The daily averages have the largest distances, reaching 1, respectively.

92%, 0.

92%, 0.


It may be that the main capital inflows of Furen Pharmaceutical, Sankeshu, Xiaokang and other stocks rank first.

  More than 100 stock moving averages have recently presented a long division. At the end of August 27, 143 stocks were divided by longs on the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 60th.

Among them, Julong Technology, Guangdian Express, Lexin Healthcare and the 60-day moving average have the smallest deviation rate, which are 4 respectively.

91%, 5.

27%, 6.

twenty four%.

  In addition, 66 stocks are not only separated by the above four moving averages, but also by the 120-day and 250-day moving averages.

Data show that these stocks, Tonghe Pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu, Baode Co., Ltd. and the 250-day moving average have the smallest deviation rate, respectively, of 16.

68%, 17.

62%, 19.


  Among the four stocks that have recently formed long positions on the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 60th, 36 net profit margins increased by more than 50% in the first half of 2019. Hongchuang Holdings, Lianhua Technology, Xinyisheng, etcThe largest increase in performance was 58.

82 times, 42.

5 times, 6.

32 times.