Such a large sum of money,Enough to make most people in this world desperately break their heads,Even the Venerable cannot be indifferent to such a huge sum of money。

Talk money with this guy,Maybe it’s a turnaround
Hands on,Then he was slapped to death by others。
So of course these guards are tense,I’m afraid that Lu Menglin will turn his face。
Simultaneously,They also have to admire Elizabeth,This woman obviously has no fighting power,But its status in the secret medicine group is quite high,Be able to become the agent of the tens of billions club,It’s not ordinary people,Just this courage,Already surpassed most of the people present。
After saying this,Elizabeth keeps smiling,Staring motionlessly at each other’s face,Trying to find even the slightest emotional changes,Then act by chance。
to be frank,Don’t look at Elizabeth as an old dog,In fact, she was panicked inside。
Because she was responsible for this from the beginning,The big guys in the club don’t care about the process at all,Focus only on results,As for how many people will die in the middle,They don’t care at all。
And the most terrible thing is that the great sages of the secret medicine group are secretly moving,Hard to move,Currently in Korea,Elizabeth has no trump card that can restrain Lu Menglin,So I can only rely on flicker,Make it clear that this is an empty plan,Inevitably not guilty。
Lu Menglin smiled,Unceremoniously meet Elizabeth,The eyes are full of playfulness。
This scene tells from the picture alone,Handsome man and beauty,The sight seems to be affectionate,Full of indescribable exoticism。
but,Only the two people who are looking at each other have a bright heart,There is not the slightest affection between them,Some are just the calm game of the opponent。
“in fact,My personal opinion is,If Mr. Lu is willing to hand over part of the gambling capital,Show some sincerity in exchange for the trust of the club,I believe this will be a very good deal。”Elizabeth said intently。
“Is this a warning?”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled。