Qin Feng touched his chin,“These people probably don’t know anything。Assassination?Although I brought the silencer.Device,But when the sniper rifle is fired, it may not necessarily say that it will not alarm the surrounding people.。So you two go over and try,I will support it with a sniper rifle。”

Zhong Fa and Liu Xing nodded,After all, there are few people on the other side,You can see from the words of the scouts just now,Although these people belong to the drug general。But the combat effectiveness is at best the level of a regular army veteran,Maybe the same level as Yamu Tea。It’s just that Yamu Tea is nowcāo)Practice a lot better than before。
But even so,Zhong Fa and Liu Xing deal with players of this level,Probably it can solve the battle within a few strokes。the most important is,Zhong Fa still has flying knives,It’s too easy to stop the other party from making a sound。
Just a few minutes,Those players who came to look for the scouts were secretly assassinated。Qin Feng doesn’t think this group will belong to the special team。
After all, they should know that the door is under the control of the poisoned general,They also don’t need rear supplies in their fighting style。So they are just being more patient with each other,Who is more energy efficient。
“All right,Take us to your camp,Let’s solve the battle。”Qin Feng said to the scout。
At this moment he dare not have any resistance,But Qin Feng is not relieved to leave Vincent and others。
“Forget it,Act together,Leave a person here,No guard,Don’t worry if someone comes to grab it。Just remember the other person’s face。”Qin Feng’s idea is very simple,If someone comes here during this time and robs their resources。It’s a big deal and just grab it back。
After all, it’s not easy for them to transport these things.。
Besides,It takes no time to move things?They have so many people?Although this is only a marginalized area,Even if they want to search,Definitely not sending many people。
So as long as
If Qin Feng’s speed is fast enough,,Resources left in the wooden house should not be moved by others。
At least when Qin Feng watched with telescopes and other equipment, he did not find any signs of human activity within one or two kilometers.。
“Qin Feng boss!Why don’t you stay,I can go with Liu Xing!”Zhong Fa feels that even if there are masters in a certain camp,,He and Liu Xing should be enough to deal with。