Warm and free,Take the business book on the shelf and look through it,Practiced spoken English again,Forty minutes later,She realized she was hungry。

She closed the book,Got up and went down the first floor,She was about to go to the kitchen to get some bread to fill her stomach and the doorbell rang outside the door。
Warm and stunned,I walked forward and saw a completely strange man through the cat’s eyes,He holds a package in his hand,Warm Nuan hesitated to come forward and open the door。
A moment later,Warm and warm and pursed lips,Boldly opened the door,Her eyes are full of guard。
Not move,I won’t move。
Warm and thin lips tightly,The courier got goosebumps when she saw it,His trembling mouth:“Hello,Are you a warm lady?”
Warm and warm,She nodded,Waiting for the opposite。
The courier is driven by her appearance,He even suspected that he had become a bad citizen,He whispered:“Here is a package for you,Please sign for。”
The woman in front of the courier brother was startled,The reaction is unspeakable embarrassment,She successfully signed for the package,Just relax,A little embarrassed smiled at the little brother,Then quickly closed the door。
It’s so embarrassing。
She didn’t expect the surveillance to arrive so early,She doesn’t care about getting bread,Took the package and went back to my bedroom,She locked the door,Close the curtain again。
Warm and warm paced back and forth in the bedroom,Finally found a place that can take wide-angle and hidden,She installed the camera according to the instructions,She looked around,After making sure that I didn’t find it carefully, I left the bedroom with confidence。
Xiaoxue seemed to sleep very late last night,Black under my eyes,Seeing warm and warm, he barely smiled,Said hello politely。
Warm and warm,Side knock:“Didn’t you rest yesterday??”
Xiaoxue’s sleepiness disappeared halfway after hearing this sentence,She coped with haha:“Yesterday I was a little late in the drama,Excited not to fall asleep。”
Don’t look away after speaking with a guilty conscience,Warm and warm without chasing down,Just smiled and went to the living room。