[Baby bath with shiso, OK]_ shiso bath_kids_effect

[Baby bath with shiso, OK]_ shiso bath_kids_effect

Perilla is a common Chinese medicine, and the leaves of perilla also have good health effects, especially in the prevention of cough, and the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm is very good. If the baby has cough, it can be used inAdding perilla leaves when bathing has a certain effect in treating cough and helping to reduce fever, and in the summer, it also has an effect to relieve itching and cripples, and has a certain effect of reducing heat.

1. Itching to go to lame. Summer is coming. It ‘s normal for the baby to grow ladle. But novice mothers have no better way to do it.Wash the baby with wormwood water, it should have a very good effect 2 times!

How do shiso leaves wash in a bath?

Add 30 grams of wormwood to the pot and cook for 15 minutes. The thicker the better. After the wormwood has been warmed, use a towel and dip the wormwood to wipe the baby’s lame area. Then pour the wormwood into the bowl.Here, adjust the water temperature and give your baby a bath; after washing your baby with wormwood, do n’t use any shower gel or water!

You can cook wormwood and wash it every three to five. It not only itches and removes crickets, but also places where mosquitoes bite. The skin is smooth!

If the baby has pus under his neck, under his arm, or in the private area, don’t be afraid. After washing, he can use sesame oil to apply wormwood ash to the baby.

In fact, in the summer, men, women, and children can use wormwood to boil water for bathing.

Especially mothers, bathing with wormwood in addition to going to the lochia endlessly, you can also activate vitality and blood circulation. In summer, the temperature of the mother’s bath water should not be too hot, and sweating is not good.

2. Helping to reduce fever Use a bath of dried perilla leaves to help reduce fever.

Perilla leaves have the functions of aromatization and turbidity, detoxification and coldness, and strong perspiration. It is a common medication for colds and is also commonly used to treat skin diseases. It is made into a medicated bath form, which can strengthen the body and the skin surface.Qi and blood circulation can open the pores, open and close through the pores, and also release toxins with sweat to help reduce fever.

Obviously, there are also matters needing attention in the sweating and fever reduction method. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors remind that the perilla leaves are only allowed to take a bath once a day, so as to avoid excessive sweating and the phenomenon of “dead sun” such as electrolyte imbalance, which will accelerate the loss of health.
In addition, do not blow hair after sweating, so as to prevent wind evils from invading the pores twice when they are opened, resulting in increased resistance and more difficult to eliminate the pain.

3. Treatment of skin diseases As perilla leaves enter the body to relieve pain, it can effectively promote sweating, enhance the circulation of qi and blood in the body and the skin, and open the pores in the body, so that sweat and toxins can completely replace the body, soAble to treat skin diseases.

It is recommended that if you want to use the perilla leaf to achieve the effect of treating skin diseases, then it is best to choose a medicated bath.