Women should live this life

Women should live this life

Men and women are the two subjects that balance yin and yang, and there is no distinction between high and low!

However, after the development of society, the positions of men and women have been greatly different in different countries and different nationalities in different ages!

  From the primitive society of Ru Maoyin to today, women and men dominated history alternately, but the time when women dominated society was basically divided into two parts, the primitive society of matrilineal clan, and the short period of Wu Zetian!

For the 5,000 years of the great power, the true equality between men and women is the present!

  The rapid development of the economy has caused people’s self-interest to expand rapidly!

Those ghosts that abolished the third wife and six wives occupied the brains of those who got rich first!

Men look for women, there is no minimum but only smaller!

In the past few years, there were many girls born in the 1980s who were joking. The original people who were born after the 1960s and 60s were so old that they couldn’t hold back men.

Now, the post-90s girls are ridiculing the post-80s women, repeating the same language!

Woman, you are not a sex slave.

If you show off only the natural laws that everyone will experience, how sad and shallow you are!

  Woman, be happy, not whether you are three or the original match, this has nothing to do with identity!

Women should be beautiful, you don’t have to be after 90 or after N0, this has nothing to do with age!

Woman, be happy, not whether you are poor or rich, this has nothing to do with wealth!

  Make a mask with honey and egg whites before going to bed every day!

It wo n’t take a lot of time, and it wo n’t cost too much money, even if it ‘s simply applied with olive oil, it may not keep your youth, but you will always remind yourself that I care about my face, IIt’s a woman!

  In the morning, put on a delicate makeup, even if you are idle at home, take a moment to put on makeup during the day, take the bag and go around.

Even if you just go to the supermarket to buy a dish, you have to dress up and walk on the street under the sun.

You think, that’s great, I’m beautiful!

I am confident, I am young!

  A beautiful dress, a pair of beautiful shoes, match your endless charm!

Don’t spend all your money, I don’t approve of you spending two points for two points, but you must spend one point for two points!

You tighten your belt for a lifetime, but you can only add toilet size to your children when they get married!

And you have lived your life!

  Don’t believe your husband likes your natural beauty, he mainly distresses the money in his pocket!

Few of the highest return rates on the street are naturally beautiful!

Even if Gong Li is born with a natural beauty, what do you think of Qiu Ju’s lawsuit as a pregnant woman?

Unless you have confidence to be more beautiful than Gong Li, don’t believe the natural beauty of the ghost!

  Do your best to manage your marriage!

Want to do the worst!

Do your best, don’t be disappointed and you won’t regret it!

Are men derailed?

Not terrible!

There are many things in life, children, parents, brothers, too many people who care for themselves and need their own care!

You need to be financially independent, preferably strong!

The economy is strong, and my heart is naturally strong!

Just take this opportunity to organize yourself, looks, mood, feelings!

Pack everything and wait for the next relationship!What should my husband begging for forgiveness?

Throw a word to him: line up behind!