Understanding men’s intimacy cycle

Understanding men’s intimacy cycle

Men are like “rubber bands”.

Extending the rubber band, as long as you don’t exceed the elastic limit, you will bounce back as soon as you let go-this is a perfect metaphor for understanding the “intimate cycle” of men.

The process of men’s “intimacy cycle” is: intimacy-alienation-intimacy.

  Women are often surprised to find that even if men love her, they will choose to “run away” again.

Only after that did he get closer to women.

This is the man’s instinct.

From time to time, he has an impulse to escape, not a decision, or a long-planned alternative.

It is just an “emotional event” that happens by accident.

Man’s escape is not his fault, nor is it the woman’s fault!

It belongs to a natural cycle or cycle.

  Even if men love women, they can choose to “escape.”

Only after that did he get closer to women.

  Men’s alienation and escape often make women misunderstand.

For women, the idea of escaping is usually marginalized in the following areas: you don’t trust men and feel that men don’t understand your feelings;
  Needless to say, men have alienated women for the same reason. The problem is that even if you behave normally and are impeccable, he may try to escape.

The typical and common fact is that at first he loved you and you trusted her.

Suddenly, the man was anxious, restless, the six gods had no master.

He started to alienate you-at that time, the rubber band was stretching!

He doesn’t want to chat with you, even ignores it.

After the launch, he returned to his normal state and became affectionate to you again-at this point, the rubber band automatically bounced back!

  The reason why men escape is to meet the needs of “solitude” and “reflection.”

Just like a rubber band, first it is completely extended, and it will bounce back suddenly in the blink of an eye. Similarly, after the evasion caused, the man will deeply desire for love and nostalgia for intimacy!

Deep in his heart, there is greater passion and impulse; he wants to give his women more love.

He wants to get the coveted love again.

At this time, he was more intimate with women, did not feel any rustiness, and did not have to go from alienation to closeness and re-familiar “transition period.”

  Understanding the “intimate cycle” of men can make two people deeper and stronger.

However, this cycle can also be misunderstood by women and cause additional disturbances.

Consider an example-Ms. Mary is worried, distressed, and angry.

She dated her boyfriend Jeff for 6 months and everything went smoothly, romantically and beautifully. There was no sign that Jeff’s attitude would suddenly change.

One day, Mary found out that, for some reason, Jeff became emotionally alienated, as if changing someone else, hate to leave her!

Mary said to me, “1 minute ago, he was still infatuated with me. After 1 minute, he didn’t even want to say anything to me!

I tried everything to make him change his mind, but it made the situation worse.

He looks so strange. I don’t know. What am I doing wrong?

Am I getting scary?

Am I a demon ghost?

Otherwise, how could he alienate me for no reason?

“Mary felt that it must be something wrong with her that caused Jeff to become increasingly cold and alienated.

It is easy for women to have a similar mentality, thinking that their poor performance leads to adverse situations and leads to self-blame, which is the case with Mary.She wanted Jeff to return to its original state and let love continue to blossom. As a result, the closer she got to Jeff, the more Jeff alienated her.

  Only after attending the seminar of my host did Mary realize that she understood the truth of the matter.

She was relaxed and comfortable, and her worries and confusion disappeared instantly.

She no longer blame herself because she admits that Jeff’s sudden alienation was not her fault, but the man’s instincts and needs.

In this way, their relationship quickly turned around.

After each month, Jeff thanked me at another seminar I hosted.

He told me that attending the seminar has allowed Mary to learn a lot!

From Jeff’s mouth, I also rejoiced to know that they had gone through the marriage procedure.

  It can be seen that Mary later achieved her wish because she knew a secret, a secret about men, and this secret made many women feel strange.

In fact, Jeff was eager to escape, but Mary stopped desperately, believing that it was against Jeff’s intentions.

Just like a rubber band, Jeff needs to “stretch” enough distance to get the “rebound” power.

Only after estrangement to escape, Jeff will have enough motivation to become closer to Mary.

However, Mary has always been completely blind.

She couldn’t understand that Jeff had been so good. Why was her attitude cold in the blink of an eye?

She didn’t understand the reason, but desperately asked Jeff to change her attitude and “lost her way back” without any effect.