Beautiful sales lady,Very detailed restoration of the incident!

She didn’t care about the sulky eyes of any sales manager!
“He was fired,I’ll give a notice from the human resources department now。”
Zhang Han appointed this sales lady temporarily as the sales manager,Responsible for sorting out all the procedures。
Very attentive service,Very efficient!
Because I am a one-time payment you made,So the procedure is very simple,You can get the real estate certificate in a week。
The police have arrived at this time。
The fat man’s three men were carrying controlled knives,Can be called a criminal gang!
They were all caught,Fatty is not spared。
What I didn’t expect is,The police quickly found other prohibited items in their vehicle!
This situation is very serious,No accident, it will take at least a few years to come out!
Accident refers to death before serving his sentence!
32 sets of special room,All fell under Sun Hee’s name!
Sun Xi doesn’t want to do this,I said let her take care of it before I reluctantly agreed。
Zhang Han hurried back。
I was overjoyed to see that I didn’t go,Invite me to lunch。
I know he must have something to tell me,And out of ten,It’s a matter of funding!