An old hen is also easy to gain weight every week.

An old hen is also easy to gain weight every week.

One very happy thing is that the recent fattening has taken effect. Others are trying to lose weight and I am trying to gain weight. Finally I have grown up and I am very happy.

  This matter has to start from that day, the reason why the eight-treasure porridge may not be bad is that my stomach has been hurt for two days. I only feel that I have a bowl of millet porridge a day.

The weight naturally drops again, leaving a poor 45.

5 kg.

According to the standards of the stars, in fact, it is not too thin, the key is the ordinary people, eating and drinking Lazarus is all hands-on, too thin and no strength.

In addition, it is fat, and it can be rounded for a short time. It looks good.

  Later, I went to a public bath. Compared with the sisters of rich white clarity, my lumber stick figure made me self-defeating, and I developed a fattening plan, which finally increased my weight by 5 pounds.

  One, one old hen a week.

Stew in a stew, stew once, and drink in a week.

  Second, eat an egg every night.

  Third, buy a box of milk in the unit, drink it every day at 10 am, accompanied by small snacks (convenient).

  Fourth, eat meat every night at noon.

  Five, skipping 300 times a day, to ensure that the “eat” into the things smoothly digested, do not commit stomach problems.