Old people who love sports have a longer life

Old people who love sports have a longer life

Research results published by researchers in the United States recently showed that for older people over the age of 70, engaging in appropriate sports is more likely to reduce the risk of death than sitting in front of the TV.

  The report said that researchers at the National Institute on Ageing in Bethesda, Maryland, conducted a survey of 302 elderly people between the ages of 70 and 82.

The specific method is to measure the consumption consumption of each person’s exercise, and conduct a questionnaire survey on all participants every week to collect information on the type of exercise and its duration.

In addition, the height, weight and condition of the respondents were registered.

  After 6 years of follow-up investigation, 18.

2% of the elderly have passed away.

The mortality rate of elderly people who love activities is 12.

1%, the oldest death rate for the least active sports is 24.


  The researchers pointed out that different mortality rates may be related to certain diseases, but this factor has been considered in the analysis.

  Although the researchers conducted a detailed analysis of this, most of the elderly who consumed energy consumed prefer manual labor or two more stairs per day.

The researchers point out that all daily activities have an impact on the final energy consumption.

  The analysis also shows that the more exercise, the more energy is consumed, the more beneficial it is to the elderly with a variety of diseases.

Exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and death.

  Researchers believe that the level of death risk is closely related to the amount of energy consumed by exercise. Maintaining a certain intensity of exercise is beneficial to the health of the elderly.