As for the other……

Maybe he came earlier than Xia Chenglong,Because this doesn’t seem to be a strange environment,In fact, it looks different because of the lone rock not far away。
Shi Fei Shi,Grass is not grass,Non-human!
“Ghost dust scene”Upgraded version of,Some people really can,I actually mastered such a mysterious thing during the time I was away。
If it hadn’t been for the appearance of the woman, I had made some reflections that shouldn’t have been,I’m afraid no one can think of,Those things that exist naturally are not natural。
“Mo Qilin,Month,Mountain Ghost,Have seen the dragon king!”
“well,You guys are strong!”
Yes,It was the three people who had left in Bencheng that appeared before him。
Of course they may make some progress with him,But definitely not like this,It seems that his decision was correct。
Eight products,Seven products,Seven products,Such an increase in strength,It can be said that being a warrior is definitely very impressive。
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Twelve Magical street market
Such a big thing,They should know,And it is very likely to improve their realm here,It’s worth the risk anyway。