If there are men who fear war,He naturally wouldn’t force,If it weren’t for the ghost soldiers just follow him,He wouldn’t have started training his men who will guard his relatives in the future.。

“Head,Where are we going to fight?Little girl,But I am confident that I can help the boss to resist the enemy’s ultimate move。”
After Xia He heard the words of his head,Curiously asked,Is it true that my head is really going to other worlds?Anyway, she has no worries now,To see and see a stronger world,Also pretty good。
just,Xia He heard a different meaning from the previous words of her head,It seems that what the head of my family will do next is not safe,Xia He knows that his strength is compared with his own head,Too weak,But she can also resist a few killer moves for her head。
“I think,If one day,I need you to save me,Then I might as well just fall away,What am i going to be weak,So I need you to save me?”
After Zhang Chulan heard Xia He’s innocent words,Said helplessly,Xia He has just advanced to Tier 3 now,Although for people of the same age,not bad,But for him,Just like that,A sword can be cut,Also want to save him?I’m afraid I’m not talking about dreams?
then,Zhang Chulan continued。
“I owe a lot of kindness to someone stronger than me,So I have to repay the kindness,Then the existence plans to invade other worlds,I will also help,This is cause and effect。”
“not to mention,As the Great Qin Dynasty,The Lord of the Great Qin Dynasty Has Order,How can I not follow?”
“Daqin?Could it be the first emperor that he said before?”
After Xia He heard the words of her head,Surprised,Although it’s been so long,But she still did not forget the first time she met,The head of the family said that he was a scene of Chuhou from the Great Qin Dynasty。
And the horrible existence that drove the dragon to pull the cart,In a word,The terrifying power driven by heaven and earth,Let Xia He still dare not forget,Now that I heard that my head is going to the world where the Great Qin Dynasty is located,Xia He is also very excited。
Although she doesn’t know how strong the Great Qin Dynasty is,Does it have anything to do with the Great Qin Empire in history?,She only knows,Since even the legendary dragon can drive,The Great Qin Dynasty must have the law of longevity,Then she can have more time to follow her own head。
but,I heard that my head is going to help the Great Qin Dynasty invade other worlds,Although Xia He hesitated,But it still didn’t show up,Anyway, she will go wherever she goes。