“There will be two other designers with you,Discuss with each other。”

“Because after all this is for children。Construction to school?Should be taken seriously。”
Zhou Han was originally an architect hired by Xiao Fan Company to work for Xiao Fan all year round。
And this time?Their craft investment in this elementary school directly caused Zhou Hanlai to pay him wages.
However, he suddenly told him that the library did not need to be designed by him, and he was still a bit lost。
But this time,Xiao Fan told him that he can participate again,Interior design of teaching building,He is still very happy。
After all, he also heard about it,The interior design of the teaching building Xiao Fan has been set up by his wife,So Lin Yuna designed it。
I never thought I could guess,He is still very happy to come in,Have work to do。Who can be unhappy?
Zhou Han immediately said to Xiao Fan:“OK。boss,I know,By the time,I will first follow the primary school building here and the kindergarten building next to me。”
“Then I went back to the company to discuss the next internal design with the other two designers.。”
Xiao Fan said:“can,I will find you a video today,That’s it,library,Place it first。”
“Then when you three designers discuss the interior of the teaching building together, you must pay attention,Design of the Book Corner in the Teaching Building,This is a must。”
“Must think of one,Well designed。”
“Do not worry,boss,Must complete the task。”
“That line,Nothing else。Hang up first,”Xiao Fan hung up。
Finish the video with Zhou Han,He immediately sent a message to Lin Yoona,“I have followed。The designer over there communicated well,Our library will not be built yet。”