A shares break through 3000 points to explore the logic behind the bulk daily limit of brokerage stocks

A shares break through 3000 points to explore the logic behind the bulk daily limit of 北京夜网 brokerage stocks

The policy is bland but the market is restless?

Investing without looking at policies is like blindfolding. Come to Sina Finance University, listen to Miss Dong read the news, and understand the market.

  Original Title: Cavalry Company, Attack!

The stock exceeded 3,000 points, exploring the logical source behind the stagnation of the bulk growth of securities stocks: Securities Star 01 first said the epidemic on February 19, 2020. At 04:00, there were 349 new cases of newly diagnosed coronary pneumonia in Hubei Province, which becameThis is the first newly confirmed case in Hubei since January 29th!

At present, Wuhan still needs to continue fighting. The good news is that the number of confirmed cases in all countries except Hubei has continued to decline. It was less than 100 cases for three consecutive days and less than 50 cases yesterday. Liaoning, Fujian, Shanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Ningxia., Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and other places reported 0 confirmed cases of new corona pneumonia.

  Last night, the CCTV news channel “News 1 + 1” today’s epidemic situation analysis, host Bai Yansong connected to the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Chen, an expert in respiratory and critical care medicine.

Regarding whether it is possible to make preparations for long-term coexistence with the new coronavirus, Wang Chen said that like this disease (new coronavirus) we mean that it may turn into a chronic, long-term disease like human flu.

This possibility is entirely present, so we need to be prepared.

  This is a signal that such a cunning virus is bound to exist for a long time, but the inflection point of the epidemic has come to an end, and people’s emotions will gradually return to peace, gradually get out of the pile, and retaliatory consumption.

Enterprise factories will also be gradually rebuilt, and society will be restored to the past. In the future, masks may be consciously worn in places where crowds gather. In most places, the problem is not serious. The development of change events gradually reduces the level of defense.

  Here, Lao Jin still reminds everyone to pay attention to enhance immunity every day, exercise more, eat, drink and sleep well. Only with good physical fitness can we get rid of the virus!

Everyone must protect themselves!

  02Explore the logic behind the large daily limit of brokerage stocks. The news of yesterday ‘s resumption of short-term liquidity by Yangma was encountered. This morning, the A-shares are still sparsely pulled. In the afternoon, the situation suddenly changed. The brokerage sector violently rose to an index that exceeded 3,000 points.For this reason, I think that the securities market’s stocks will benefit the most when the trading volume exceeds 2 trillion yuan for 2 consecutive days.

In fact, it is the expectation of supplementary growth. Compared with the height of technology stocks, financial stocks do have a lot of room for supplementary gains.

  Many people like to take the current market analogy to last three months. I think this time is not the same as last March. Yesterday, Ruiyuan Fund’s purchase and delivery of money had to be queued. This can explain the problem. It is a hot phenomenon of fund purchaseIn fact, this wave of fund sales has lasted for three months. All major public offerings have prepared sufficient incremental funds, and the following month began to activate a steady stream of funds to enter the fund through admission, plus northbound funds and the majority of investors.The assists, the picture is too beautiful to look at.

  As soon as something has happened in the market recently, you will know that breaking through 3000 points is inevitable.

  1.Shareholders broke 1.

600 million, household savings began to shift to the stock market2.

The transaction volume of the two A-share markets exceeded RMB 3 trillion for 2 consecutive days.
Fund purchases are hot, and the Second Light Fund is too many to count4.
New rules on refinancing have been introduced, and financing cattle has become the topic 5.
Financiers frantically increased leverage until the current two-financial surplus exceeded one trillion yuan6.
After the beginning of the year, the capital of Northbound has continued to increase the position by more than 100 billion, and Lao Jin now just wants to say, A shares, cattle!

  03 VR watching the house fire!

Various VR marketing is on the way.

  Due to the impact of the epidemic, offline real estate agents have turned to the Internet one after another, and online house sales have become more and more lively.

The housing search data showed that from February 1st to 14th, a total of 3.09 million VR videos were watched on the platform, and the talk time was up to 44675 hours.

Among them, only in February 1-9, the number of VR viewings increased by nearly 60 times over the same period.

  On February 16, Evergrande released a press conference on “Fully Implementing Online Sales” through online video, and disclosed online business data to the public. It is reported that Evergrande ‘s “Comprehensive Online Sales” only took 3 days to arrange sales.The data has achieved rapid progress. At present, customers have claimed 47,540 homes online, with a total value of 58 billion yuan, and the one with the most subscriptions has raised 870 homes.

  In this regard, Su Dandan, an industry analyst at the Shell Research Institute, believes that major changes have taken place in the restructuring, consumer behavior and business behavior in the housing sector. More and more interactions between consumers and practitioners have occurred online, and the work process has been re-designed online.Plastic, migrate from offline to online.

So online marketing, online operations have become an irreversible trend.

  The house is dead and people are alive!

In the face of contradictions, many housing companies responded quickly and launched the “online sales office” quickly, solving the pain point of being unable to view the house on the spot during the epidemic. They also sold the house while reducing contact between people.VR for online marketing is indeed a trend in the future, and it must be said that technology is changing our lives.

Future VR shopping, VR car watching, VR live broadcast, VR.
.....It seems that the industry vent has arrived.

  Do you think a VR house must be a house?
Then you are wrong, customers may also fancy other “babies” in your family, for example.


Do not believe?

Look at the picture below hahahaha, this is VR shopping driven by VR house sales!