Always insomnia?

Why not try these diet recipes

Always insomnia?
Why not try these diet recipes

Clicking on the purchase will accelerate the pace of modern life, and many people’s leisure time is changed at night, which leads to insomnia in many people.

There are many reasons that can cause insomnia. Today we will start from the diet and find a recipe to relieve insomnia!

  The reason for insomnia is that the insomnia is also the cause of insomnia, because the insomnia says that the yin and yang in the human body cannot be combined, and Chinese medicine believes that the emergence of the insomnia is because of a problem in the human kidney, soIf you have insomnia, if you have kidney deficiency, you need to nourish the kidney in time.

  Stomach is bad. According to Chinese medicine, if the stomach is bad, it can easily lead to insomnia.

The daytime is the operating time of the stomach, to digest food, and at night, if there is a lot of food in the stomach, these foods will not be digested so easily, and may cause stomach discomfort, and this willIt causes insomnia, so many people choose to eat less food at night.

  Too much thought When we think too much, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Once the spleen and stomach are injured, it is easy to lose sleep, so if you want to prevent this, you can choose to drink millet porridge at nightAlso, don’t think too much before going to bed so that you can prevent insomnia.

  Ingredients for insomnia diet party lily lotus seed porridge: lily, lotus seed, millet, rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the lily first; wash the bubble water for half an hour after removing the lotus core; wash the water for millet for half an hour.

Pour water into the pot. After boiling, pour lily, millet and lotus seeds. When it is boiled again, use a small fire to simmer until the millet is cooked thoroughly, and then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to personal taste.

Consuming it daily for dinner has the effect of treating insomnia.

  Codonopsis braised pork heart ingredients: 12 grams of codonopsis, 1 pig heart, 18 grams of longan.

  Method: Cut the ginseng first; clean the pig heart.

Put the codonopsis with pig heart and longan meat in the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then simmer in a water-cooking method until the pig heart is cooked thoroughly, then add the appropriate amount of seasoning, and finally just clickedible.

  Sanwei Anshen Decoction Ingredients: 1 yuan for Ophiopogon, 1 yuan for Polygala, 3 yuan for Sour Jujube Kernel.

  Method: First pour 500 ml of water into the pot, then add all the ingredients, and use water frying to cook the water to about 50 ml.

You can choose to drink a bowl before going to bed, because these three medicinal materials all have a soothing effect. After drinking, they have the effect of treating insomnia.