Spring equinox health diet diet eight kinds of seasonal food health

Spring equinox health diet diet eight kinds of seasonal food health

What do you eat for the Spring Festival?

In the spring, everything is glory and vigorous, and it is also the most active period of human physiology and metabolism.

However, the spring rains, the weather is abrupt, the weather is warm and cold, the climate is very unstable, and it is very easy to catch a cold.

So pay special attention to health, then what is the best in the spring festival?

Eight seasonal foods must not be missed. If you want to be healthy and beautiful, take a look.

  (1) Spring Bud Springs Spring buds.

Confucius said “from time to time, not eating”, meaning that it is not (season) that does not eat this season.

The classic Chinese classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” also said that it is necessary to “eat the valley”, that is, to eat seasonal food.

All the plants in spring produce green buds, and there are many spring buds that can be eaten, such as citron, bean sprouts, garlic, bean sprouts, and lettuce.

  (2) The spring climate of leeks is different, and it is necessary to maintain yang, and leeks are most suitable for human yang.

Amaranth contains nutrients such as volatile oil, protein, traces and multivitamins. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, refreshing and strengthening kidney.

Spring 韭 is the best among the leeks, and the taste is especially delicious.

Its roots are as white as jade, green leaves are like green, and the fragrance is fragrant.

Spring 韭 eats a variety of methods, both meat, eggs, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc., can also be used as steamed dumplings stuffing.

Add some spring scallions when fried green bean sprouts or tofu, especially aromatic and delicious.

  (3) The spring bamboo shoots, which are known as the “first vegetarian food”, are delicious dishes that have been loved by people since ancient times.

Scholars and foodies are amazed at it, and there is a saying that “the early adopters have no springs.”

The spring bamboo shoots are rich, delicious and refreshing, rich in nutrients, and can be used.

Different practices, different flavors, fried, stewed, boiled, and simmered into a dish.

Local famous spring bamboo shoots occupy a place, such as Shanghai’s “Huangchun Bamboo Shoot”, Nanjing’s “Spring Bamboo White Chicken”, and Zhejiang “South Meat Spring Bamboo Shoot”.

However, it is very difficult to eat fresh spring bamboo shoots in the north. If it is a bubble in the Marmaris, it will be fine.

  (4) Red dates and other spleen sweets The local ancient famous doctor Sun Sizhen said: “Spring is suitable for the province to increase the sweetness, to raise the temper.

“It means that in the spring, you should eat less acid and eat more sweet.”

Chinese medicine believes that when the liver is vigorous in the spring, eating sour foods that the liver is too strong and damaging the spleen and stomach, so should eat less sour food.

And people’s outdoor activities in the spring are more than winter, the physical exertion is prolonged, and the required conversion is increased.

However, at this time, the spleen and stomach are weak, and the gastrointestinal digestion ability is poor. It is not suitable for eating greasy meat. Therefore, the transformation can be supplied with appropriate sweets.

Jujube is just like this spring fragrance spleen.

  (5) Honey Chinese medicine believes that honey is sweet, enters the spleen and stomach, can supplement the Qi, and relax the bowel.

The weather in spring is changeable, the weather is cold and warm, and people are prone to catch colds.

Because honey contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and the function of clearing the lungs and detoxification, it can enhance human immunity and is the most ideal tonic in spring.

Therefore, in the spring, if you can take 1-2 spoons of honey a day, take a cup of warm boiled water or add milk, it has a nourishing effect on the body.

  (6) Cherry has the reputation of “the first branch of vernal fruit” and is currently cultivated in some places.

The cherry fruit is thick, juicy and juicy, rich in color and rich in nutrients. Its iron content is particularly prominent, more than 20 times more than citrus, pear and apple, ranking first in fruit.

Cherry is warm, sweet and slightly acidic, with Buzhong Yiqi, Tiaozhongyiyan, spleen appetizer.

Spring cherry can be sweating, qi, hurricane and rash.

It should be noted that the cherry is a fire, not too much food, the body yin and anger should not eat or eat less.

Can’t eat cherries, strawberries are also a good choice.

  (7) Spinach Spinach is a vegetable that is available all year round, but it is better in spring, not the “autumn pine” that Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan said.”Spring Pine” roots are red and green, fresh and unusual, and most delicious.

The spinach marketed in the spring is quite a lot for detoxification and anti-spring.

Chinese medicine also believes that spinach is sweet and cool, can nourish blood, stop bleeding, stagnate yin, moisten dryness.

Because spinach contains too much oxalic acid, it hinders the absorption of calcium and iron. When eating spinach, it should be first boiled with boiling water, and then fished and fried.

  (8) Onion, ginger and garlic are not only seasoning products, but also important medicinal value, which can increase appetite, help Chunyang, and also have the effect of sterilization and disease prevention.

In spring, onions and garlic are the most nutritious and tenderest in the year, and the most fragrant, best-tasting. At this time, eating can prevent the most common respiratory infections in spring.

The scallions scrambled eggs or scallions and sauces that the northerners love in spring are the best way to eat nutritiously and conform to the solar terms.

  In addition, for those who need nourishing and nourishing, you can use American ginseng, longan meat, Codonopsis, Astragalus and other stewed chicken or lean meat, but those who love allergies must avoid “fat” in the spring, such as shrimp, crab, pickles, etc.food.
  In general, the spring diet should eat more of the food that nature contributes to us in the spring, the taste is the same as spring – light and sweet.