Talking about the four elements of perfect fattening

Talking about the four elements of perfect fattening

The fat figure is just the appearance, the fat is not fat in the body, the other fat is psychological.

Fat people have the psychology of fat people, which is called “increasing fat heart”. Thin people have the psychology of thin people, which is called “weight loss heart.”

Therefore, to cultivate a fat person, we must seize the key, the heart of fattening is first reflected in eating.

Fat people are delicious, everyone knows, but they often hear thin people say that they are licking their mouths, but they always eat fat.

Also ask the thin people to be less secure, the fat people are delicious, and you are not the same.

And these things are the basic elements of creating a perfect fat person.

  The first element of fattening: rejection of semi-arid.

  The semi-arid state can best consume the feces of fat people’s hard work, so it is necessary to store food in the bedroom bed, preferably even in the shower room, in order to quench the thirst.

Walnut crisps, juice and honey are the best. If it is too much trouble, at least one bag of ready-to-eat fried instant noodles is always available.

In addition, it is important to remember that the elimination of night is the most effective.

When people go to sleep, the metabolic rate slows down. At this time, it is a good time to accumulate excess cockroaches in the body. Therefore, the significance of eating two hours before going to bed is quite large.

Imagine that the energy accumulated in one day lost the ammunition supplement, and the human body had a seven-second hour of metabolic battle at night. Although the consumption rate was slower than that of the day, it was energy-consuming but the tug-of-war.

This night is not going to happen, when will it be?

  The second element of fattening: oil.

  To be fat, you must have the belief that “the dishes are oil-free and tasteless”, especially the animal fats that are slippery and fragrant.

If you don’t love the unique taste of animal fats, then unfortunately, you have no chance in this life.

This hobby seems to have no trace, but it can be cultivated.

People who like fried, oily, oily and other tastes are the best in the fattening action.

Please be aware of such foods in backpacks, alternatives or near computer desks, such as bagged hamburgers, puffed biscuits, etc.

If you don’t see your eyes, if your eyes are common, your mouth will be awkward, and your mouth will be easy to handle.

  The third element of fattening: salt, or salty.

  Fat people are good at pickles, and they like the taste of vegetables. Especially, they are obsessed with the feeling that the salt dissolves on the surface of the oral mucosa.

Salt is the ancestor of Baiwei, and the highly concentrated salty taste is released between the tongues. It is like a martyrdom siege war, and the taste buds are overcome one by one, urging an infinitely powerful appetite.

Salt intake into the body, immediately need a lot of water to replace, which is a key step for fat people to quickly gain weight.

So when you run out of meals, you will feel thirsty and need to drink water.

Unfortunately, how can a shallow bite of water be thirsty?

Then he took another sip and took another sip. A glass of water accidentally saw the bottom.

When the amount of salt is too large, drinking water and drinking all over the stomach are sloshing. The feeling of thirst is still unsolvable. I just want to drink it again, but I am afraid that my stomach will burst. I only have to endure it. Fighting requires endurance.
Wait until the excess salt in a lunch intake is added to the body fluids, the water is also removed, and the weight gradually declines. At this time, another salty dinner has been placed on the candlelight table.

carry on!

  The fourth element of fattening: sugar.

  Considering that oil and salt only appear in the dinner, the amount of food is not large enough, and after all, the number of times is reduced, and sugar solves this intermittent problem.

Be sure to have the awareness of eating sugar anytime, anywhere. Sugar and brown sugar are top grades, tea can be cleaned and sugared, coffee can be bitter or sweet, and so on.

Especially in the meal, if you encounter uncomfortable odor and stimulate the oral mucosa, such as pepper, pepper, etc., usually think of using a cup of sugar water as a blending agent to dissolve more than these four points, basically can maintain a medium fatThe size of the body, but there is still a distance to the perfect fat man.

  The highest realm of fattening is a lazy word. Lazy words have an old saying that can be summarized: “If you can sit, you can’t stand, you can sit without lying.

If the above four points can be developed around this lazy word, it will get twice the result with half the effort.

The perfect fat man’s lazy is not lazy in physical strength, or lazy in establishing a series of behaviors that replace the reflex mechanism of sweat glands.

Unless it is hot, it will be forced to do so. Otherwise, we must not let us get into the secretory state of the 18,000 pores of sweat pores. Think about it, even if only one milligram of aunt per pore is infiltrated, multiply by one thousand eight thousandAfter that, it will be a terrible and painful loss.The quickest way to do this is to deeply brand the “sweat and aversion” into the autonomic nerves.

Keeping the skin and clothes fresh, this is a good way to pity the aunt’s aunt, and hate sweating is a human nature, if you can expand the unpleasantness caused by the sweat coat, develop to disgust and even nausea, andForming a kind of “knee jump” and other conditioned reflexes, then your living habits will undergo earth-shaking changes, you will become natural and quiet, hate all physical exercise, and then really promoted to “lazy word” top master.

Congratulations, perfect obesity is at your fingertips.

  In order to cope with the fearless heroic spirit of many fattening and fattening men, the world-recognized standard weight formula “(height-100)×0 is especially provided here.

9 = standard weight (Kg).

Since this is only a standard, there will inevitably be room for up and down. After all, the weight of a person is a variable. In winter, it will automatically gain a little fat to keep out the cold, and in summer, it will automatically lose weight to avoid the heat.

So biologists save time and set the proportion of this variable directly: if the weight displayed on the scale is more than 10% of the standard weight, it is counted as normal weight, more than 20% is mild obesity, more than 30%-50% is mediumObesity, more than 50% is severe obesity.

It is said that there is still a slight deviation between the standard weight of the Chinese and the world standard. It should be slightly lower, but the difference is not large and can be ignored.