Straight cucumber and curved cucumber, which is better?

5 truths let you rest assured to eat melon

Straight cucumber and curved cucumber, which is better?
5 truths let you rest assured to eat melon

The ugly tomatoes are afraid of taking medicine.


The beautiful cucumber is still afraid of taking medicine.

.It’s all vegetables, and the standard is not the same. ╮(╯_╰)╭, in order to keep the cucumber innocent, talk to everyone today.

The top flower of the cucumber hit the hormone?

Oh, oh.

The top of the cucumber carries flowers and does not prove to use hormones.

Because the cucumber flower is a sacred flower, after the pollination and pollination is completed, it is not necessarily replaced immediately, but the cucumber fruit is regenerated for a while.

When planting cucumbers, in order to prevent the young fruit from multiplying, the grower will apply the anti-falling substance (p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid) on the stem of the young fruit, which is a kind of phytohormone and does not affect the health of the human body.

If this phytohormone is accidentally applied to the flower, it will place the flower closer to the top of the cucumber, or simply not replace it.

In this way, the flower cucumber with bright yellow flowers is more favored by consumers, so gradually, the treatment of cucumber flowers with anti-fallin has become a standard procedure for cucumber cultivation.

Those flowers that are fresh like fresh cucumbers are usually treated like this.

But don’t worry too much, as I said before, the amount of these phytohormones is not very large, and it will not affect the human body.

The top flower with the thorny cucumber, rest assured to eat.

Straight cucumber was sprayed with medicine?

I don’t know when I started from the time of the embarrassment, suddenly there was a law saying: Buy cucumbers can’t buy straight, buy a bend. In fact, straight cucumber or curved cucumber, the main influencing factors are variety and growth conditions, and it’s okay to spray without spraying.
When the temperature, light, fertilizer and other conditions are better, the plant grows robustly, and the straight cucumber appears more; when the temperature and light are not added, when the water nutrient is insufficient, it is easy to bend and bend.

Even if it tastes, there is basically no big difference, which one is pleasing to buy.

Do you want to peel the cucumber?

Those who support peeling must be worried about pesticides.

The owner has talked about the related issues of pesticide residues. Can the folks who have forgotten to review it again?

How to effectively remove pesticide residues?

To put it simply, there are three sentences: if there is a pesticide residue, it will be poisoned, and it will be safe according to the standard. If you buy from a channel, you should not be afraid of qualified agricultural products. There are three measures to remove pesticide residues: cleaning, peeling, heating and cooking, and cleaning is very effective.

If the cleaning can’t help you feel relieved, then peel it, don’t tangled.

The English name of the cucumber hydrating top watermelon is watermelon, which translates to “water melon”.

In fact, this name should be given to the cucumber.

Among the basic ingredients of fresh cucumber and cucumber, carbohydrates account for 2.

9%, 姨 accounted for 0.

2%, protein accounts for 0.

8%, and then remove a small amount of minerals and vitamins, which is actually 95.

8% of water.

We can even say that eating cucumber is basically equivalent to drinking mineral water with a little vitamin.

Although it seems that nutrition is not high, it is really suitable for summer.
I don’t need to bring a water bottle after going out, bring two cucumbers, thirsty, two mouthfuls, refreshing?
Can cucumber be used as a mask?

Many girls should have this experience, stick their eyes, stick apple muscles, stick the whole face. even the artifacts of cutting cucumber slices on Taobao!

But the church is mainly pouring cold water, and cucumber really has no talent for making masks.

Although its main ingredient is water, the skin can be wet when applied, but the effect of applying a wet towel is similar. As for vitamin C and vitamin E related to skin care, the content in cucumber is not high, noUse it.

Therefore, cucumber is still the most cost-effective to eat.