Liu Taosheng was shocked,But it didn’t stop。

Do not know why,He looks at Zhai Xiaoxin now,Only unspeakable,Never think about it,Unstoppable emotions。
Not experiencing wind and rain,How can I grow up!
Finished this fight,Liu Taosheng has matured a lot,There is no longer only Zhai Xiaoxin in my eyes,But have more things。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Kai Nao
“You don’t have to worry about it later,Everything today,I did it all,I will carry it!”Liu Taosheng suddenly raised his voice。
Hear what he said402The brothers in the dormitory were taken aback,Even the girls brought by Xiaoqu were taken aback,Can’t help but look at this nerd differently。
Zhai Xiaoxin showed a surprised expression on the side,As if I just met Liu Taosheng。
In her impression,Besides being stupid, this nerd,Not masculine at all,Not to mention having the courage and responsibility。
Lu Menglin smiled,Shook his head:“What are you doing?Keep singing!Give me a song,I want to sing MUJI《Sunny after rain》。”
The boss made a message,Xiao Qu immediately ran to the jukebox very wisely,Gave him a song《Sunny after rain》。
Rain,It should be sunny
If you know the pain, you must cherish it!
In love,Someone was beaten,Someone grows up
you still,love me?
Seeing,It’s really going to be sunny。