Wang Shaoxiao is about to refute,Lu Menglin smiled and held him。

“I don’t have to fight this time,Don’t have to work hard,And Wang Shaoxiao can play a big role。You guys gather a little,I tell you。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
After listening to what Lu Menglin said,,All three of them opened their eyes wide,Can’t believe it。
There is actually this kind of routine?Where did Lu Menglin learn from??
After understanding the division of labor,Everyone goes back to each house,Ready to do something。
text Chapter One Hundred and Four Tit for tat
? Overnight,The streets of Liufang,All the gossip about Zhao Yuanchao, the director of the second factory。
“Have you heard?Zhao Yuanchao and they embezzled public funds,Used to repair factories and buy equipment,Now engage in commercial street,All greedy for money。”
“nonsense!Someone posted all the big-character posters,The publicity column at the entrance of the factory is clearly written。”
“Yes!I don’t know which one is so bold,Actually took advantage of the darkness and posted the big-character poster in the publicity column。”
“Maybe the dog bit the dog,How else can you write so detailed?”
“Can I still watch from the factory door??I am mid-shift today,Just arrived at the factory!”
“you’re so dumb!I definitely can’t see it now。Let the security department tear those dog legs。”
Conversation like this,Keep happening in every corner of the factory,Workers’ corruption of factory leaders,Of course angry,But what can they do?
The wall at the entrance of Fat Dun’s house,I also posted a few big-character posters,It is written about the factory leader Zhao Yuanchao, etc.,Divide workers’ blood and sweat,Demolish homes,Unfair compensation,And require the factory to disclose all the accounts of the commercial street project。
This big-character poster before the ink has dried,Write more specific,And it’s happening,It concerns the vital interests of the workers on this street,So when the security officer came here after hearing the news,When I want to tear up the poster,But met a strong resistance。