“Next time you cook,I’m going to try the seasoning by myself。You are watching me by the side?”

The nanny said to Yoona Lin:“it is good。Then do as you say。”
So Lin Yoona picked up the chopsticks,I took a piece of freshly fried tomato and egg into my mouth and chewed,feeling not bad。
But the taste may be worse than the nanny aunty’s,I should have lost my palm,But it’s okay。
Then he said to Auntie:“Auntie, come and have a taste,See if it’s done well,I feel quite delicious when I eat it。”
Auntie also picked up a pair of chopsticks and tasted it, right?,Finally passed。
Finally, the aunt said to him:“I’ll teach you to make an egg fried rice。Egg fried rice is also a very common entry recipe,Miss want to learn this?”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes you can,If I am alone at home anytime?I’m too lazy to make troublesome dishes. Can I just make an egg fried rice??”
The nanny aunt said:“That’s right,I used to be like this。
Whenever I don’t like cooking,Take two eggs yourself,A bowl of rice can be made into egg fried rice,very easy。”
Within the next hour,The nanny aunt taught Lin Yoona how to make egg fried rice step by step。
Lin Yuna learns things really fast,The nanny teaches very well,Not long,He learned。
Under the guidance of the nanny,Lin Yoona first made a bowl of egg fried rice。Then,No guidance,I made a bowl by myself。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine Fake public welfare