[How do kids cook recipes?

New moms come to learn!

】 _How to eat for children_How to eat

[How do kids cook recipes?
New moms come to learn!
】 _How to eat for children_How to eat

Every parent wants his child to grow up healthy and healthy, but to do this, the child’s diet is very important. Supplementing comprehensive nutrition through the correct diet will enhance the child’s resistance and promote the child’s physical development.Therefore, the recipes for three meals a day are very particular. Now young parents do n’t know these knowledge, so they are introduced in detail below.

First, baby breakfast 1. The nature of baby breakfast. Children who do n’t have breakfast will start to show inattention and small movements in the second class. They often have reduced brain function and decreased learning efficiency, which is mistaken for ADHD.

In addition, if you do not eat breakfast, you will eat a lot at noon, so that the stomach wall of the complication will be in a state of tension all the time.

2, how to eat breakfast for a baby, one must eat breakfast every day; second, a rich variety of nutritious breakfast; third, add vegetables and fruits; fourth, chew slowly.

3, baby breakfast precautions Some breakfast is not suitable for babies, if you can eat these foods for breakfast, it is easy to endanger the baby’s development.

Therefore, try to avoid leftovers, western breakfast, churros, snacks, etc. for breakfast.

4, baby nutrition breakfast practice package one: green ham quiche + biscuit yogurt + apple package two: vegetable meat soup + egg fried bread + orange package three: nut polenta + egg floss sandwich two, baby lunch 1, baby lunchAccording to the dietary guidance provided by the Chinese Nutrition Society for previous school-age children, the lunch diet is the most important of three meals a day, and the child should be provided with 40% of the energy of the day, and breakfast and dinner each with 30% of the energy.

2. How to eat lunch for babies? The staple food and desserts should be used. If you want to mobilize the children’s interest, you can let them pick lunch boxes, thermos bottles, and then decorate the bags themselves.

Go to the supermarket with your child to pick food.

3. Precautions for baby lunch There are many precautions for baby lunch, including paying attention to the acid-base balance in the diet, drinking soup before meals, don’t let children drink pure juice before lunch, nutrition of steamed buns is very important, fish is best stewed with tofuEat, it is not easy for children to drink too much beverages, beware of infant milk anemia, and do not let children soup and rice.

4, baby nutrition lunch recommended steamed sweet potato white boiled scallion catfish mushroom stewed tofu garlic pureed broad bean three, baby dinner 1, the final dinner of baby dinner is about 10 hours away from the morning of the next day, although it is not necessary to supplement food during sleep, but the childGrowth and development will not stop for a moment, it is the same at night, and still needs certain nutrients.

If you eat too little dinner, you will not be able to meet this demand. If you continue to do so, it will affect your child’s growth and development.

It can be seen that children’s dinner can never be eaten less, but should also be full.

2. How to eat baby dinner Parents need to make careful arrangements when preparing dinner for their children. They must make some foods that are easy to digest and transfer moderate foods, such as soy products, lean meat, fish, fungi, and vegetables.

Allow your baby to drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed.

3. Precautions for baby dinner. Pay attention to avoid the following four error areas when eating dinner for baby: first, the child eats meat every day; second: soup and rice are digestible; third: the child eats less at dinner;Eating well can affect sleep.

4, baby nutrition dinner recommended tomato egg porridge eggs shrimp dumplings fish bibimbap.