Dad’s flavors bring children to life

Dad’s flavors bring children to life

If you ask about the biggest differences between life in Canada and the country, many people may speak language, diet, etc., but I can tell you that the biggest difference is that you can’t afford a babysitter.

It ‘s so nice to have a babysitter, you can use a few hundred yuan for children; even children, even adults, have all the food and drinks, and you do n’t need to worry about anything.

In case you ca n’t hire a babysitter or an elderly person, the elderly person usually finds them annoying and you will know without the taste of the elderly person around them.

  My wife got a job last month, so the matter of bringing children naturally fell on me!

  Comrades who have a nanny or an elderly person around you may not feel it firsthand, thinking that taking a child is just taking her out to play on the weekends, telling a story at night, etc. is so easy, but it is not easy at all!

Every morning starts with waking up a three-year-old daughter.

Children are just like adults. It is very unpleasant not to “sleep and wake up naturally”!

Eight or nine days of ten days, my daughter got up with wow crying as accompaniment.

After finally helping her get dressed and wash her face, it is time to get to the most difficult job in the morning —– feeding milk!

It seems that children in China do not like to drink milk. A bowl of milk takes a small sip every time. In order to complete a bowl of tasks, even tricks and intimidation must be used!

While coaxing her for breakfast, she also had to go online to handle domestic affairs.

After eating breakfast, I saw that it was enough time to go to the kindergarten, and quickly put on her clothes and shoes, waiting for you to go out, she said that I would “go pu pu” (shit)!

I had to wait patiently for her to pull it, and wipe her ass after pulling it, wow, that shit was so stinky, it was so stinky!

Previously in China, my daughter was more than two years old, and she hadn’t pooped once. Now she pours every day!

  After sending her to kindergarten, finally she can come to an end.

I will pick her up from school at two in the afternoon.

Most of the time when she went to pick her up at the kindergarten, she played dirty and had to wash her hands and change clothes.

But now she would wash her hands and wipe her hands, saving a lot of work.

  After getting her into the child’s seat in the car, the little guy would keep talking and ask this question, saying, there was no sound in the back seat. Look at the rear mirror and fell asleep!

It’s so easy, I fall asleep every time I get on the bus.

After driving the car to the parking lot at home, she had to name her sleeping hand, hold her clothes and other things in her right hand, and free up a hand to open the door of the parking lot.La?

), And then moved up to the third floor step by step, usually I did n’t eat at this time, so I felt that she fell asleep!

Waiting in my own room on the third floor, exhausted!

  The work in the afternoon was relatively simple, at most she cried twice after waking up.

The little guys are relatively good-looking, and they usually find toys to play by themselves in the afternoon. For example, letting a few antenna babies play the role of mom and dad.

Sometimes when I ‘m hungry, I ‘ll ask you to take something to eat. The little cat has a very good memory. She always keeps it in the refrigerator and in that cabinet. She remembers it very clearly. You ca n’t say “no food”To fool her.

When the weather is good, take her out to play outdoors.

There are free parks everywhere in Vancouver, it’s a kid’s paradise, which is great.

Most of the daughters are still positive about going out and occasionally lose their temper.

A swimming class every Saturday is the most troublesome. Crying Zhentian is reluctant to enter the water, leaving those “foreign coaches” at a loss. I get half an hour every time after class and run away!

  In the evening, the savior-that is, my mother is finally back!

So I handed over some of the regimes grandly, and I can take a break and take a look at the Internet to deal with things.

Usually my mother helps her take a bath, and sometimes I help her take a bath.

I have a glorious task of drinking a bowl of milk before going to bed. I still have to do everything possible to get her to finish a bowl of milk!

Brushing your teeth before bedtime is usually shocking. My daughter brushes her teeth in tears every time.

  In short, bringing a child is trivial and very patient.

However, there is too much help from the babysitter and the elderly, so that I have a lot of time with the little guy, which has improved the comprehensive communication between father and daughter.

Watching the little guys progress day by day, and all kinds of cute looks every day, really endless joy.Recently, her full expressiveness has leaped forward and will cause others.

I had a diarrhea that day, and I told her “Dad is uncomfortable”; in the afternoon, she came over and kept asking “Is Daddy comfortable?”

It moved and surprised me: alas, she even made a sentence to express her meaning!