I haven’t waited for Zhang Lili to finish,Qin Feng frowned and interrupted,“To shut up!”

“Do you know how you came back?”
“what,This one.”
Qin Feng continued,“You don’t remember you are living in a cave,Surrounded by weird people??”
“That one,Is that real?”Zhang Lili did have a sober time in the cave,It’s just that she was terrified,I even want to forget such things later。
In addition, because the Shanmen disciples would use some drugs to keep Zhang Lili in a deep sleep。So Zhang Lili can’t tell if it’s reality or dream。I thought I was just dreaming before。After all, people around her are unknown,And told her all kinds of strange
Until I met the familiar Su Chengxu and others,She thinks she has returned to reality。
Maybe because of the extreme insecurity at that time,So I naturally want to have various things when I return to normal,This is where she feels safe。
Just now,Qin Feng pierced all dreams in a word。
When I heard Qin Feng’s words,Zhang Lili couldn’t help crying。
“I was really taken away by a bunch of weirdos,And threw it in the cave for a while??Su Chengxu, trust me,I really didn’t feel like them。”Zhang Lili all kinds of crying。
Su Chengxu is also a little confused,Because he thinks Zhang Lili’s mood changes too quickly,Soon he has no time to react。