As Fukuda guessed,After his death,Some people can’t sit still。There are also some children of the Miyamoto family who are frightened,I definitely hope to admit defeat,Then just be an ordinary rich man。

At this time, Qin Feng will be able to reshuffle the family drastically。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four Civil strife
Some disciples of the Miyamoto family who wanted to be quail for fear of death, Qin Feng gave them a sum of money and some shops and sent them away.。The premise is,They can no longer claim to be a disciple of the Miyamoto family。
These people are eager to leave,It’s also very good to get a little family property。
As for some members of the uncle generation,They are not afraid of death,But do you think it is really worth gambling with the entire Miyamoto family??and,How many candidates they can sacrifice?
Come again,Even if you have the chance to be the prime minister of an island country,Those people are not willing?After all, they are also afraid of death!Even if you want to be a puppet,But at least you have to survive!
But after Futian died,Basically no one dared to question Qin Feng face to face,Even when I saw him a little bit frightened。Because many people in the Miyamoto family think,In fact, Futian was killed by Qin Feng!Such a great demon ruled the Miyamoto family,Is it really good for them??
At least Miyamoto Okano doesn’t think so。Unfortunately,Since the last time Firmino entered the Miyamoto family,Miyamoto Okaki was imprisoned by Qin Feng when he played the dog leg。
Every family basically has its own prison。of course,There must be a big gap with those regular prisons。But in this way, Miyamoto Okano was thrown into the basement and locked up.。At least he can’t get out for a short time。