Lin Yoona cherishes such time the most,What is most important in a person’s life,Some people think that money is the most important to them,Some people say love,Some people say family affection.

Actually from Lin Yuna’s point of view,Everything is the most important thing in my heart,Can make me feel the warmest,And home is the place that can make a person the warmest。
Whether it’s the company of your parents or your lover,This is what everyone really wants,But many people are blinded by benefits,Or forced by life,I often lose what I want most in my heart,The things I want to cherish most。
It’s too late when I regret it,Because once a lot of things are lost, they can’t be found again,So Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona hope to do more things that they feel are right in their limited time,。
Do what you think is meaningful。Although Xiao Fan didn’t seem to know where his parents were from the beginning,I don’t know where I came from,But this way,He really felt a lot of warmth。
Although not easy,Encountered a lot of difficulties,But someone really gave him warmth,It used to be Master and Gu Jin,Then I met Fan Lao,Then I set up a company and base,Have a group of good men。
And marry Lin Yoona,Have a good father-in-law,Although there was a little misunderstanding between Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng,But Xiao Fan didn’t care。
Because Xiao Fan understands them,Because her most precious Lin Yoona married Xiao Fan,So some doubts about Xiao Fan are naturally understandable,Xiao Fan understands Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng very well,So he never bears hate。
Thank you even more,Can take care of Lin Yoona so well。After breakfast,Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan sat with Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng in the garden。
They haven’t talked in the garden for a long time,Although sometimes there may be nothing to talk about,But the family feels very comfortable sitting together,And it’s getting hot now,There is a small pavilion behind the garden。
Wind blowing,It’s very cool,Very comfortable,Sometimes after working for a long time, I especially like this leisure time,Like quiet moments,Even if nothing,do nothing,Just feel the beauty of this moment。
I feel very precious,Xiao Fan answered a call during this period,Is from Yiming,Yiming asked Xiao Fan about some brothers in the base。
Recently there are a group of people who need to continue to choose their own future direction,Actually this is a bit like graduation season,Many times you may need to choose your next stage of life。
And can’t stay in one place,Or do the same thing,People always have to pursue different things at different stages,Xiao Fan has always known this。
That’s why he arranged such a system,In a certain time,Everyone can choose their own future again,Reorganize your life,Can choose to leave,Can choose to stay here。
Can choose to be at the base,You can also choose to be in the company。Xiao Fan remembered this when he answered the phone,I have been busy lately without paying attention,Watch some days,I don’t know it’s this time so soon。
It’s time for everyone to choose their own life again,He has always valued this matter,So no wonder lest you call him,Then Xiao Fan meant to let them deal with it first。