Since this rage was born,Everything on the side,All dead,The first is my nephew Bei Gongwang,Good young talent,Great future,But suddenly became an idiot。And Mu Xin,Also died tragically in front of the god soldiers。

Then the scene just now,Bei Gong is the most urgent for this angry sword weapon,I touched two of them,He was beheaded by a magic soldier,Qin Nanming followed,This magic soldier got into his hands,I haven’t even been hot,Same body and head,It seems,This so-called fallen soldier,Really evil,Too evil!
There were people who were enthusiastic about the Anger Slash in Lu Menglin’s hands.,Secretly moved,Listen to them,I’m not so anxious,What is this fallen soldier?Sounds familiar,Why not go back and investigate,Plan and move。
After all, Qin Nanming died by his knife.,The strength of this person can no longer be described as weak,Maybe he just seems weak,Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger is more terrible!
For a time,The gods and nations present know what they are,No one dared to say more。
Lu Menglin walked to Mu Feiyan,With a mysterious smile,Tao:“Mufeiyan,I’ll take you home!”
Mu Feiyan opened his eyes wide,Only consternation left on the face,No more confidence and arrogance before。
In her eyes,This hero Lu is simply a legendary demon,Come quietly every time,Can reverse the situation,Seemingly lucky,Actually it’s strength,Bei Gongwang was crazy by him,Qin Nanming died by his sword,And the Bei Gongju who was killed inexplicably just now,Maybe it was his hands and feet。
Once this person came to Hongliu City,Just a few days,Succeed in stirring up the situation,Make the city of Red Willow become popular,Restless,It’s really scary!
And Mu Feiyan thinks he is the one who knows the most secrets of the hero Lu,I feel more nervous for a while,Suffering from gains and losses,I’m afraid the other party will kill her,If it’s just oneself,If the Mu clan is destroyed,She is a family sinner,Unforgivable sin。
Lu Menglin seemed to see the fear in Mu Feiyan’s heart,Smile,Tao:“What do you think?without me,Your Mu family is finished!Don’t worry too much。”
This remark,Mufeiyan dumbfounded,I can’t turn my head。
Think carefully,It seems like this!Just look at Qin’s distress,You’ll know it,If it weren’t for the hero Lu,,The unlucky one is Mu’s。