It’s a pity that there is no fairness in the world,Only the weak and the strong!

Others will not care about your youth,It doesn’t matter which school you are,Everything is to speak to strength。
In half the size of a football field“Dragon King Different Dimension”The moment of falling,The other party finally turned around,Unfortunately,Xia Chenglong had no chance to see each other’s face。
And at this moment,Middle-aged man holding out a finger,Liu blocked Xia Chenglong’s Ling Tian attack without warning。
The energy ball starts to break,Represents the disparity of their strength。
Xia Chenglong at this moment,In fact, it has already been backlashed by this dual martial arts.,Something that only appears when you cast your life save twice,The load on him has reached its limit。
Those meridians that burst because they couldn’t bear the force,If his heart is not strong enough,Early in the show“Chiba Xianglong”Has exploded!
But he is“Dragon King”,Is a promised man,So this battle still has to go on。
One bite of blood is directly integrated“Dragon King Different Dimension”in,Let the shattered energy ball become condensed again。
Man is surprised,At the same time showing a relieved expression,The stronger the opponent,The more excited he is。
But still that sentence,If in the same realm,He may not be Xia Chenglong’s opponent,It’s a pity that his realm is very high,So the result of this battle will still not be changed。
Constant cracks appear,In the next moment,The terrible energy storm unfolds,along with“Dragon King Different Dimension”The disillusionment,The body of Xia Chenglong’s ghost suffered a powerful impact,Finally turned into a ghost!
Xia Chenglong spurts blood,The body goes backward in the form of a parabola in mid-air。