Qiao Tianyu and George went to Chicago,Chubby face flying huaxia。

But at the airport,George and Xiao Pang Lian were puzzled to see that Qiao Tianyu was reluctant to throw away the tattered military uniform。
Yesterday, George bought two decent outfits for Qiao Tianyu,I don’t understand why Qiao Tianyu has a soft spot for that tattered uniform。
Facing the doubts of two people,Qiao Tianyu just smiled,Said that this ragged military uniform is the key to the success or failure of this trip to Chicago!
Smoothly came to Chicago,George wanted to take Qiao Tianyu directly to Jackson Boulevard in Chicago141Chicago Board of Trade,In the end, he was grabbed by Qiao Tianyu。
“Don’t go to the futures exchange,Go to your uncle’s house!”Qiao Tianyu said mysteriously。
“Go to my uncle’s house?A
e you kiddi
g me?!”
When George heard he was going to his uncle’s house,So scared that my face changed。
“brother,You just let me go!I almost lost all my uncle’s savings,I don’t have the face to see him?!I’m blamed if he didn’t kill me!”
“Do you want to make money back?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“miss you!Dreaming!”George said quickly。