The overall strength of these people is not strong,Except for the one who just talked about entering the Holy Land,Other people are around the transcendental realm。

Being able to enter here is entirely luck and experience,Otherwise, encounter a truly powerful beast,There is only a dead end。
“Ugh……I obviously saw it,Could it be that they are not human,Is a ghost?”
Just as everyone keeps going,Suddenly a cold snake came,A leopard leaped high from one side,Pounced into the crowd。
“fast,Disperse quickly!”
The leader yelled quickly,But no matter how fast these people are,It can’t be faster than the leopard,In the blink of an eye,Two lives are gone。
“Damn,Damn,Isn’t it a cleanup?,How come there are spirit beasts of this level?”
Level 5,Equivalent to the holy place of human beings,And look at the size of this guy,Definitely an adult leopard,Not only full of attack,Also has extremely agile speed。
This time they are done。
“Bros,I’ll hold it,You guys go quickly。”
“Do not,Big brother,Go together,We will never leave you alone。”
“Correct,We fight together,Kill it。”
The rest know the consequences of staying,But no one backs away,Although usually bickering,But they have a friendship behind。