And in one direction,The cold light on Wu Ji Yi Jian,Almost blinded Li Feifei。

“let’s start!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven A daily life
“Big sister head,I sent you some pictures with my phone,You look,These photos will be deleted later,Is a typical collection version!”
“Qilin,You guys will be on the show soon,it’s okay no problem,I don’t want to sign,I took a few pictures of you,You can enjoy it。”
A TV program recording center
After Qi Lin, who was putting on makeup, hung up the secret communication,,Take out the phone with confusion,Then open。
When she saw that her good sister was like this,Qilin couldn’t help laughing directly,What are these black panda eyes,And this posture of ecstasy,Is this still He Weilan, who has always followed the route of Yu Jie?!
Thinking in my heart,Qilin just prepared to put her phone away,Then keep the photos and enjoy them later,But I found my hand slipped,The phone was taken directly by the rose next to it。
“Let me see what’s funny about you,what,It’s Xin Zhao,He took,Isn’t this a blue photo?!Not bad,Remember not to delete,Let’s take a look back!”Noticed that Ge Xiaolun was coming,Qiangwei gave Qilin the phone directly。
And after Qilin got the phone,,The first time is to send him away,The province will be taken away。
“rose,Qilin,What are you looking at,So happy,Talk to us two?”Cheng Yaowen looked at the two girls who were smiling happily,I feel like I have missed hundreds of millions。
and many more,Qiangwei said it was sent by Xin Zhao,Is it a courtship message?。
Damn it,Letter,I didn’t expect you to end up with Qilin,I really read you wrong!