[Encyclopedia of wild fruits in the mountains]_What is _What is

[Encyclopedia of wild fruits in the mountains]_What is _What is

Although now we all eat the fruit we buy, we are even reluctant to pick it in the orchard by ourselves, but we have to know that there was no money to buy fruit in the father’s generation. The fruit they eat is mostly some wild fruit picked by themselves on the mountain,, sea buckthorn, mulberry, these are the wild fruits she loved to eat when she was a child, often introduced by my mother, and now they have become treasured varieties, even in the mountains, we do n’t pick them anymore.Some kind of, as follows: 1, Guaju.

This is a wild fruit that originally appeared on the mountain and was eaten by children. Many people will also like to eat it after eating. Its gourmet part only has the black part, and the brown part is not dared to eat. Some people also like to eat these tastes.The people who have eaten all belong to the post-9090, and the post-00 is definitely not eaten.

2. Tea flakes.

In the past, there was a kind of very healthy food called tea buds, and these leaves were also gourmet foods. They were no less nutritious than tea buds. They could be eaten as a snack or a dish on the dining table. Some people like these foods.I also like to eat, but very few people have eaten, disappeared in the 1980s.

3. Raspberry.

This fruit, which is loved by foreigners, has been eaten by many people in China. It looks like a strawberry and tastes sweet and juicy. It is a raspberry.

4, wild hawthorn is still very fond of the various tastes contained in it, and some people prefer to eat it after eating. There are a lot of hawthorn sold outside.

But these dishes are not a lot for others.

This wild hawthorn is produced in small quantities every year, and it is difficult to obtain even some fruit farmers who want to eat it.

5, firethorn fruit.

Strings of small red fruits are common on the mountain, often a large piece of this fruit, the fruit is not very round, and it is a bit flat at the point where it connects to the stem.

It is about the same size as a pomegranate grain and tastes sweet. In fact, this fruit is called pyracantha.

6. The last person I saw did n’t know what it was, but it is very famous in the countryside. Not many people have ever eaten this kind of delicious food. Sometimes the deliciousness contained in it is also a yearning for food, peel.Thick flesh is transparent, it is wild banana.

Few people have eaten.