Rainwater health

Rainwater health

The rainy season is around February 18 of the Gregorian calendar year.

Rain, “the bucket is rain, the east wind is thawed, the ice and snow are scattered and the water is turned into water, so it is rain.”

“Rainwater always indicates the beginning of rainfall, and it also indicates that rainfall has begun to increase.

  With the arrival of the rainy solar terms, the snow flutters, the cold air-blown weather gradually disappears, and the spring breeze, the melting of snow and ice, the humid air, the mild sunshine and the bleak days are coming to us.

Du Fu has a poem: “Good rain knows the season, when spring happens.

Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently.

“The poet vividly described that spring is the season for the germination of all things. When it takes rain, it comes. This spring rain is accompanied by the wind. When the night falls, it quietly and silently, and it moistens all things underground.

The poet uses anthropomorphic methods to anthropomorphize the rain and says that it “knows the season” to understand the objective needs.

In the spring season when everything is sprouting, when rain is needed, the rain will come down.

A “good” word not only praises “rain”, but also praises those who send timely rain to those in need.

The poet is looking forward to such a “good rain” and likes such a “good rain.”

  People often say: “The spring is getting warmer and the rain is getting fat.”

“One year is in spring, how to see rain in spring.

For the peasants, the rain is the key period for Xiaochun management and the spring ploughing, and our life is full of new hopes.

  According to the influence of rainwater solar terms on nature, I contacted the health articles to highlight the consequences of rainwater solar terms “to nourish the spleen and stomach”.

Because Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is “the root of the day after tomorrow”, “the source of qi and blood biochemistry”, the strength of the spleen and stomach is an important factor determining the life of the person.

Zhang Jingyue, a doctor of the Ming Dynasty, put forward: “Increased as the source of all things, the stomach is the main body of health.

The stomach is strong, the stomach is weak, the stomach is born, the stomach is dead, and the health is the first to be the spleen and stomach.”

(In the relationship between the five elements and the five internal organs, the soil in the five elements corresponds to the spleen in the five internal organs)

Dirty and dirty, “points to the spleen, raise the gas, raise the gas, and maintain the health.”

It can be seen that the healthy spleen and stomach is the basis for people’s health and longevity.

  Why is the liver of spring related to the spleen?

In the application of Chinese medicine, the five elements of the theory describe the physiological functions of the five internal organs of the human body with the characteristics of the five elements.

The liver is wood, the wood can be straight, the strip is smooth, and the characteristics of hair growth, so the liver is happy and malignant, and has the function of relieving.

The spleen (stomach) belongs to the soil, the soil is thick and thick, and it has the characteristics of biochemicals. The spleen has the digestive water valley, the transportation is subtle, the nutrition of the five internal organs, the six sputum, and the effects of the limbs are the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

The five internal organs are physiologically related to each other and affect each other in pathology.

In the transformation of the five elements of mutual relationship, Muwang took the soil, that is, the liver wood passed through the spleen, so because the liver and wood were too much, the spleen and stomach were qi-deficient. If the liver qi stagnation, the spleen and stomachQi stagnation, both liver and spleen also.

“Difficult” is called “reverse transmission”, that is, liver disease and spleen.

Therefore, in spring health, we must pay attention to the characteristics of spring yang hair growth, help yang, and avoid hurting the spleen and stomach.

  Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the spleen and stomach as the “sea of the valley”, which is beneficial to the health of the blood.

The material basis of human body function activity, camping, qi and blood, body fluid, essence, etc., are all born in the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach are strong, the source is rich, the function of the organs can be strong; the spleen and stomach are the hub of the movement of the qi, the spleen and stomach can be coordinated.Promote and regulate the body’s metabolism to ensure a coordinated balance of life activities.

The vitality of the person is the foundation of health, and the spleen and stomach are the foundation of vitality.

Li Dongxuan, a famous doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, proposed that the spleen and stomach injury is a qi-deficient, and the qi-deficiency is a view of people’s life.

In his “Spleen and Stomach Theory”: “Infuriating and famous, it is the essence of the first body, not stomach can not be nourished.”

And pointed out: “Intra-injury spleen and stomach, all diseases are clustered.”

Explain that spleen and stomach weakness is the primary cause of breeding diseases.

  ”The General Theory of Materia Medica” said: “Folly good health caregivers raise their own, and those who are not good at health care raise their own.

In addition to foreigners, they are fast-moving, pleasing, greedy, and eager to do things.
Good to raise the inside, make the dirty and peace, and the three cokes keep their position, and the diet is always suitable.
“It can be seen that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of life, the foundation of health, the medical doctors of all ages, and the health care homes all attach great importance to the care of the spleen and stomach.

Modern medical experiments have proved that conditioning the spleen and stomach can effectively improve the body’s immune function, anti-aging and anti-aging.

  The specific method of nursed back to the spleen and stomach can be selectively adjusted according to their own conditions, drug conditioning and living and rest adjustment.

  Diet regulation: the spring climate is warmer, but the wind is dry and dry, often there are skin, dry tongue, dry lips and other phenomena, so you should eat more fresh vegetables, juicy fruits to supplement the body’s water.

Since the spring is the beginning of all things, the yang is more than the season of the sun, should eat less greasy things, so as not to help the yang to leak, otherwise the liver wood is too much, then the spleen.

In the Tang Dynasty, the health stylist Sun Sizhen said in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “Spring 72, the province is rich in acid, to raise temper.”

In the five elements, the liver is wood, the taste is acid, the spleen belongs to the soil, the taste is sweet, and the wood is superior to the soil.

Therefore, the spring diet should eat less sour, eat more sweet, to raise the spleen.

Replace amaranth, camphor, lily, pea seedling, sage, leeks, spring bamboo shoots, yam, medlar, taro, radish, alfalfa, sugar cane, etc.

  ”The Golden Moon”: “The first month is suitable for eating porridge, . a radix of radix, to kidney.

“(150 grams of fresh Radix, simmered juice spare, previously washed 50 grams of rice, the amount of crystal sugar, add the right amount of water into the pot, boiled into porridge, pour fresh yellow juice into the porridge, simmer for 20 minutes.

) Two windproof porridge, you can lick the wind of the limbs.

Take a windproof, decoction to juice and porridge.

Three dried basil porridge, take a portion of basil, stir fry until slightly yellow, slightly aroma, porridge with decoction.

“Less eat cold and sticky food to prevent injury and spleen and stomach.”

  Drug nursed back to health: to consider the spleen and stomach lift biochemical function, with the method of rising yang, adjust the spleen and stomach.

Anyone chooses sand ginseng, American ginseng, nameless son, white chrysanthemum, Shouwu powder and Buzhong Yiqi soup.

  Spiritual reconciliation: “Every anger, sorrow, fear, all hurt.” Therefore, in the spirit of reconciliation, we must be quiet and unwilling to work hard to raise vitality.

  Work and rest adjustment: living is always, work and rest.

That is to comply with nature, to protect the vitality to follow the laws of natural change, to adjust the rhythm of life process, change time, space and climate change, so as to achieve the purpose of health spleen and stomach, nursed back to the day, longevity.