Friday afternoon three days later,Liufang No. 1 High School Basketball League officially kicked off。

This year’s basketball league is still divided into men’s and women’s teams,In progress。
but,Relative to the intensity of the men’s team,Although the women’s basketball game is quite popular,But everyone has the mentality of watching girls fight,Just like playing around。
Women’s Basketball in the High School Group,All kinds of fouls,The point is that there are still many ridiculous moves,Why do you hold the ball and layup?,The ball grab turned into a women’s judo game,All kinds of jokes are endless,And the score is so low,Usually double digits are pretty good。
and so,The highlight of Liufang No. 1 High School Basketball League,Still on the boys’ side。
Lu Menglin and their second year in high school(One)class,Ushered in the first opponent in the group stage,High school(Fives)class。
I learned that I got this good lottery,As the basketball captain, He Jinle has been smirking for several classes。
Finally got through school,Which is the game time,He Jin led the team members to the playground with enthusiasm。
Lu Menglin also appeared on the court,Many people in high school recognize him,Even the great writers are on the stage,With sympathetic smiles。
“It seems that there are really no people in the liberal arts class,Random team!”Someone among the onlookers commented。
“Don’t say that,He Jin in their class,And Geng Tao is pretty good。”Some students who often play halftime turned their heads。
“It’s useless!It’s not halftime,Now I’m playing the whole game,I didn’t see even the great writers in their class.,Obviously you can’t even get people together!”Some people think they know,Twitter。
“That Lu Menglin is in good shape,Not low,Can he do it?”A girl in the crowd couldn’t help but ask。