“it is good,I remember your breath,If something happens,I will go directly to you,You go back first,Good Life Constraint Soul Race。”

Nalan Yanran said calmly,then,The whole body quickly dissipated,Turned into a quarrel。
The soul of the emperor looked at the quarrel of fighting spirit dissipating in front of him,No change in expression,Just said quietly,Said that I would wait quietly in the small world of the soul race,then,Glanced again at the ordinary sect below,Some can’t figure out why this newly promoted Doudi lives here,but,As long as you reach Queen Dou,all,It’s not a problem,Soul Tiandi also suppressed his own thoughts,Break through the space and leave。
Chat group hall,Nalan Yanran opened her eyes,Looking at the obvious increase in seats in the hall,After knowing that I retreat,Several new members have been added to the chat group。
“what,Isn’t this the new Tier 4 boss??long time no see,Naran。”
Jingtian watched Nalan Yanran, who hadn’t been online for a long time, went online again,Know that the other party is already advanced,therefore,Said with a smile。
“Sedum members make Yanran embarrassed by saying that,Different worlds have different time flows,I can’t help it。”
Nalan Yanran didn’t have the slightest arrogance to the other group members,After all, my main business in the future,Maybe it’s still selling monster eggs,therefore,Also responded with a smile。
“Nalan, you are welcome,There is an important thing,Big guys need to pay attention,There are already two worlds invaded by the Contractor of Paradise,This is only known,Paradise Contractor,Is a group of crazily twisted beings,If anything changes in the boss’ world,Let’s find a few Tier 6 bosses for help。”
Jingtian said solemnly,Introduce the characteristics of the paradise contractors in as much detail as possible。
“That’s it,I know,Is the owner of the group away??”
Nalan Yanran also solemnly said,Sweep the hall,See the figure in white on the main seat,Asked Jingtian。