smiling,The smile on Shan You’s face is a bit incomprehensible,But with the sound of the grenade falling,Everyone around seems to understand something,In the roar of explosions,The people who surrounded Shanyou scattered around。

a long time,Osidus and Evincent appeared again by Shan You。
Stepping on the broken meniscus,Evincent said with a little regret:“I wanted to study his clothes,It’s a pity that they have been ruined!”
Single body burnt black,Staring at the moon blankly,There happened to be dark clouds drifting by,Covered half of the moon,Shan has no breath at all。
Chapter five hundred and thirty four Decide
As a veteran,No matter when,Would leave myself a bullet,To solve my own life,Do not cause trouble to teammates or other people。
And Shan You always thinks he is dead,I’m afraid that a bullet won’t end my life,And the action of loading the gun is too wasteful of time,Have such time,Enough for the enemy to chop off his arm!
So when breaking through,Shan lied again,Fortunately, the final result is good,Even without a grenade,Also blasted the wall,And the last grenade hidden by the sheet,Also fulfilled its mission。
It hurts slightly,But still acceptable,So there is nothing to complain about Shanyou!
Thousands of kilometers away,Zhu Ziqing in his sleep was suddenly awakened,Grabbed the phone indiscriminately,After hearing the words Shan Yu died,Zhu Ziqing’s first reaction thought he was joking with himself,But after seeing the caller number clearly,Zhu Ziqing sat up suddenly。
“what happened?”
The woman lying beside Zhu Ziqing opened her sleepy eyes,For my husband answering the phone in the middle of the night,She’s already used to it,But I heard the tone of my husband,I’m still a little worried。