Don’t throw the roots to eat spinach

Don’t throw the roots to eat spinach

Spinach is rich in nutrients, contains cellulose, vitamins and minerals, but does not contain trace amounts, which is loved by people.

However, most people scoop up the roots when washing spinach, because they feel that there is a lot of mud on the roots.

In fact, this is a diet misunderstanding.


hzh {display: none; }  郑州市第三人民医院泌尿科主任医师葛永超指出,菠菜根不但富含营养,而且还是药食两用的好食材,将菠菜根配以洋生姜食用,可以控制或Prevent the occurrence of diabetes.
  Therefore, it is best not to throw away the roots when eating spinach in the future.

You can clean it by washing it a few times more.

Before eating spinach, simmer the root with boiling water for a few minutes, step on it to remove oxalate, and mix it with sesame oil, which can benefit the stomach and is especially suitable for people with high blood pressure and constipation.

  In particular, in addition to not eating with tofu, spinach should also avoid avoiding and recalculating beans, soy products, and fungus, shrimp, kelp and other foods.

Eat with vegetables, fruits and other alkaline foods to help dissolve calcium oxalate and prevent stones.