Seeing Han Genji want to say something several times,Then give up,Yao Yao couldn’t help but ask。

Han Geun basically decided to give up,But Yao Yao asked,Han Genji can’t help but complain。
“Gangster,You may not particularly understand China’s university mechanism。”
It’s hard to say this in front of Yao Yao,But in Han Genji’s heart, I really don’t vomit。
By Han Genji’s side,Yan Xiaoyi nodded if something happened,No prior communication,Just this time,Yan Xiaoyi knows Han Genji exceptionally。Xiang Chen and Yao Yao may not have received the education of China Academy of Higher Education,So they don’t know much about campus life,Similar to this new year party,In addition to performing students and school leaders,No one will dress up!
“From the memory of several New Year’s parties I attended,It seems that only the master of ceremonies will dress like we are now,So the two don’t think,Is it pompous??”
Han Genji looked solemn when he spoke,To some extent,Even if Yao Yao turns the enemy into a friend,The other party still has a certain chance to beat him up,So Han Genji is still cautious when talking。
“Today is Little Sun’s first performance,And there is a five-minute solo dance,As a group of friends and relatives,How could we not dress more formal?”
Similar words,Yan Xiaoyi had already euphemistically expressed to herself before,Yao Yao looked at Xiang Chen while speaking,The two cumbersomes around don’t understand themselves,But as Xiangyang’s father,Xiang Chen will definitely understand his mood。
“It’s really more formal to wear,But our dress is too formal,Isn’t it just that for a dinner reception with a certain leader?!”
Xiang Chen hasn’t spoken yet,Han Genji’s helpless voice rang again,Until Yao Yao raised his fist symbolically,Han Genji bowed his head as he accepted his fate。
Noon,Xiang Chen and the four men dressed as grooms finally walked out of the inn at Yao Yao’s repeated requests。
“Don’t shame our little sun for a while,Especially you are Xiang Chen,No slip,And you two are not allowed to sleep!Show me all!”
I can’t remember this is Yao Yao’s warning,In the end, even Xiang Chen was convinced,Depart for Wanghai University two hours early,Attention from pedestrians along the way,It also made Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji feel a headache。
“Are we really going to attend Wanghai University’s New Year’s Party like we are attending a wedding??”
Han Genji’s helpless complaints,Just follow Yao Yao and Xiang Chen,He only dared to communicate with Yan Xiaoyi alone on such topics。