Lin Qing became a little angry,“teacher,Did you make a mistake?Warm and warm, she didn’t even have a calculation process,How can I know the answer so quickly?Does she happen to know the answer??”

I can’t see how warm it is,Lin Qing suddenly forgot the teacher’s warning,Questioned。
Everyone thinks so too, After all, this is too bad,Even master,That is only for people with very good mental arithmetic ability。
Hearsay,The math teacher turned dark,Watch them,Scolded:“Telling you to study is not to make you jealous!And you,What’s the matter with you classmate?Is it so difficult to admit that others are good?”
Some people just don’t see others better than her。
Self-knowledge,Lin Qing is not talking,Just staring fiercely at the warmth sitting behind me,As if warm and warm made the question,It’s worse than killing her。
To this,No need to care about warmth。
First37chapter Marry Boss Wang
Yu Shan has nothing to do,The hospital didn’t find any problems,I can only tell her to rest,Be careful not to let her go back too tired。
Wen Yunyun walked in,I saw my parents are eating,Did not see the warm figure,It feels very smooth to think that the warm and warm yesterday had been driven out by them。
“Yunyun,Warm Nuan seems to have gone to live in Situ Yan’s house!”
Just wanted to sit down and eat,Wang Ping’s information is here,I didn’t plan to care about her,After seeing the content,Beautiful eyes roll with hatred!
Warm and warm that bitch,It really will sell badly,I was kicked out by my father,I went to Situ Yan!Really shameless!
I noticed that my daughter’s face was wrong,Yu Shan asked:“what happened?Yunyun,Is someone bullying you at school?”